Energia Wireless Offering

Energia provides high-speed wireless internet access without the need to have any landlines. This makes wireless internet an ideal replacement for slow ADSL connections, and an affordable alternative to expensive diginet lines. It also reduces the risk of business loss in the event of lines being stolen – or long turn-around times on faulty connections.


We have a wireless package to suit all needs – whether you need a high speed business package to connect your business to the world that requires the bare minimum – or low levels of latency, we have you covered.


Wireless access can also be provided to securely connect branches around the country, or globe, for Virtual Private Network (VPN) access or Voice over IP (VoIP). We are scalable so if our standard packages don’t meet your needs, we are more than willing to tailor a package that will cater to your specific needs.


Energia – Wireless Internet has a package that will suite your business’s needs. Uncapped and capped packages ranging from SOHO 1:20 contention ratio’s through to 1:1 enterprise connections.

“a wireless package to suit all needs”

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