Product Overview

Broadband Fibre is an excellent value-based Internet access service that provides uncapped and unshaped connectivity with speeds of up to 1 000Mbps. Delivered over Energia Telecom’s superior, robust fibre infrastructure, Broadband offers low-latency, symmetrical bandwidth along our next-generation network backbone. Energia Telecom delivers its broadband as an end to end solution and therefore minimizing the number of providers you require to deal with.

Single Point of Contact

We offer end-to-end customer support services, so you only deal with a single contact centre and service provider.

Fibre is symmetrical

This means that your upload and download speeds are equally fast! Most available broadband services are asymmetrical, which results in slower upload speeds. With our fibre solution, you can rest assured that important urgent documents will be delivered with great efficiency.

‘Best-Effort’ service or dedicated Internet

In lieu of an SLA, Energia Telecom does not guarantee peak speeds on our Broadband service but ensures that our ‘Best-effort’ service have high availability and the stability fibre has to offer. Dedicated is dedicated and a 99,5% SLA accompanies our dedicated service offering.

Contention Ratio

When it comes to the internet and network connections contention is widely disregarded. This is mainly due to the focus on maximum speed and not on continuous throughput in which Energia Telecom offers a completely uncontended internet connection.


Energia does not provide a Fibre router. Customer can supply their own or alternatively Energia can provide a new router on extension of agreement or alternatively a levy fee of R750 to replace the existing router.

Superior Fibre Network

Our fibre network delivers superior speeds and low latencies that remain unaffected by copper theft, which all too frequently leaves businesses stranded without connectivity or the ability to trade, which severely impacts your productivity and ultimately your bottom line.

Product portfolio and pricelist

The Broadband Fibre portfolio includes the following services:

Contract of 24-months depending feasibility.

Additional Services

Voice services are available on our Broadband fibre product;

  • 12 SIP channels at R550
  • 24 SIP channels at R880
  • 36 SIP channels at R1430


Broadband Fibre is available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Durban. All services are coverage dependent and therefore not limited to stated areas only as our network continue to grow.

Booster Services

Booster services are available to customers who need to increase their speed at certain times of the month. This service is however dependent on the last-mile technology and router deployed on the service. Log onto our dashboard at

Terms and Conditions

  • Broadband is designed to deliver service to an end customer and may not be resold.
  • No SMTP Relay is offered with Broadband
  • Each service is allocated 5 Static Public IP addresses. If a NAT solution is required, only 1 Public IP address will be made available.
  • Energia Telecom reserves the right to use the most feasible last mile technology available.

Acceptable Use Policy

The purpose of this AUP is to ensure equity of access to all users of Energia Telecom internet access service. Energia Telecom endeavor to provide equitable access to all users to ensure the best possible performance and experience for the majority of its users. Many factors must be considered, including the regulatory environment. Generally, to be compatible with the spirit of Network Neutrality to enable Energia Telecom to deliver our internet access service. This AUP relates to the data usage of the internet access service only. Other issues related to our internet access service as well as data usage related to other access services are covered by the Energia Telecom service schedule.

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