Hybrid PBX

A hybrid PBX is a traditional PABX which mostly uses traditional analogue or digital phones, but which has been expanded (usually by plugging in an additional, costly card) to allow it to communicate using the SIP IP-protocol. This allows it to connect to IP phones or to connect to a remote IP system. In addition this supports clients with a multitude of various cabled infrastructures giving them the ability to merge old and new technologies.


A hybrid PBX has many of the same great features you can expect from VoIP services, including call rules, auto-attendant, and hold queues. The hybrid PBX also has the capacity for virtual conference rooms, fax over IP, and videoconferences. The hybrid PBX also can do SIP trunking. The most important feature of the hybrid PBX is that if either the legacy PBX or the VoIP server isn’t working, it automatically switches over to the other network.


One of the biggest benefits to having a hybrid PBX is for remote offices and secondary locations. Calls from one office to the other go through the hybrid PBX, so there are no long-distance charges. If a location is temporary, such as an amusement park or construction site, you can use cordless phones to connect directly to the hybrid PBX instead of going through the building’s telephone lines.


Energia has extensive experience in implementing hybrid systems and can help any business meet their communication requirement.

“helping any business meet their communication requirement”

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