A cloud-like experience for your business

Digital transformation is most successful when it’s built on a strong physical infrastructure foundation. Our unique capabilities can accelerate your digital transformation by taking all IT and facility environments and managing them as a cloud-like service. We do this by bringing together Real Estate, Data Center Management and IT Management, allowing our customers to choose where they can best use our expertise

What’s the difference between datacenter and server farm?

A datacenter is a physical building with redundant power, cooling, and Internet connectivity. A server farm is a grouping of servers. For example, I might have a server farm that supports my website comprised of web, app, and database servers, but likely I’ll have a different server farm that handles infrastructure services like DNS, email, etc. All these different server farms can reside at the same datacenter or at different ones.

How do I access my company’s server farm?

This is very open-ended. Are we talking about physical access or remote management? If physical, you have to know the location(s), have credentials which will permit physical access (“Mission
Impossible” style operations if you have no reason to be there), and be granted access. This can include biometrics, such as fingerprints, or retinal scanners. If you’re not supposed to be there, you won’t gain access. If remotely, you need to know the type of server farm it is. For example, I’m going to access a VMware farm a lot differently than a Windows-based solution. You’ll typically have management servers which are used for…you guessed it…managing the farm. Typically, there are many different types and classes of server farms, and all are typically managed leveraging different technologies. You might have some managed completely via the command line, others via a management client installed on a separate machine. Either way, you have to know the infrastructure to be able to access them.

Advantages of Server Farmer over manual server management

No matter if you manage just a single server, or hundreds of them, installing Server Farmer gives you many advantages over default OS configuration:


  • Consistent and reliable tools to manage many servers at once (or one by one)
  • Several monitoring capabilities
  • Automatic backups
  • Scale up or down your requirement
  • Security of your infrastructure
  • More secure configurations of several system components (depending on OS version)
  • No more hardware purchasing of systems as they become redundant after 3 years

Solutions on Hand

Energia offers a number of hosted server solutions depending on a company’s requirement. A customer can specify the configuration needed for their server and mange it through our


  • VMware portal (IaaS -Customer manages their own IT environment)
  • Microsoft Hyper-V portal (IaaS -Customer manages their own IT environment)
  • Azure services, AWS, Google (Customer manages their cloud on Microsoft)

What is difference between Microsoft Azure and VMWare – Hyper V Cloud?

Microsoft Azure has a more worldwide reach. While VMWare Cloud provides a traditional IaaS model. Azure has a large number of services to offer. VMWare computing environment is run inside Energia’s Server Farm where Microsoft uses its own infrastructure to host your services inside.

Which solution would suite your business?

Very easy answer to that, if your business is running a large amount of branches and requires high transaction computing like SQL or an ERP, CRM type solution. Azure may be a more cost effective option Based on size. If you are a small to Medium business where you just need files storage, web and accounting services As opposed to hosting it on site, our VMware cloud offering is perfect for you.

Can Stratus be tailor made for every business?

Absolutely, every customer can design the configuration they need. You as the customer can specify the amount of processing, memory and storage space you made need for your business. In fact we leave the IT in the in the hands of the of the customer where they can implement a solution Made for their businesses growth. Energia is giving business the ability to management their own Cloud environment at a very cost effective price compared to the mainstream providers.


Energia Cloud is available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Durban. All services are coverage dependent and therefore not limited to state areas only as our network continue to grow.

Terms and Conditions

  • Energia Stratus is designed to deliver service to an end customer and may not be resold.
  • Energia reserves the right to use the most feasible last mile technology available.

Competitive cloud comparisons

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