Network convergence is the efficient coexistence of telephone, video and data communication within a single network. The use of multiple communication modes in a single network offers convenience and flexibility not possible with separate infrastructures. Network convergence is also called media convergence.


In response to Business demand, convergence has been evolving on the Internet ever since its inception. Nowadays, texting, Web surfing, VoIP(voice over IP), streaming media, video conference applications, online gaming and e-commerce are all extensively engaged in by consumers, businesses, educational institutions and government agencies. All users demand high quality of service (QoS), quality of experience (QoE or QoX) robustness, moderate cost, standards compatibility, ease of modification and upgrading, security, privacy.

Energia can offer a multitude of converged solutions on all the brands we offer. Our biggest strengths are cloud based converged solutions.

“0ffers convenience and flexibility”

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